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We took the time to read each initiative and give brief synopsis of each one:


A ballot initiative does not go through the rigorous vetting process of a bill in the Legislature.   Please take the time to read every initiative before signing because it affects our republican form of government 

“OUR SCHOOLS NOW” went to our Utah Legislature to make a deal. They said they would pull their ballot initiative if the legislature would put the following question on the ballot asking if the people would support a gas tax increase. WHY?

· Here is the question on the ballot: "To provide additional funding for public education and local roads, should the state increase the state motor and special fuel tax rates by an equivalent of 10 cents per gallon?".

  • If passed, it would be unconstitutional and is "misleading" at best. Utah law prohibits gas tax to pay for education (outside of drivers ed.) The gas tax increase will not pay for education. 
  • They claim that with additional funds for transportation, they will be able to spend more of the general fund on education. That is possible, but there is no guarantee and no accountability. 
  • The proposed tax would raise tax on gas by 33.3% or 10 cents per gallon. 
  • The gasoline tax impacts your pocket book in more ways than one. You pay 10 cents additional per gallon for gas, but it increases the cost of all food, clothing, construction or any other services.
  • When your property tax or income tax increase you know how much you are paying. The gas tax is a “STEALTH” tax increase because you really never know how much the tax impacts your pocket book or your economy. 
  • We currently already pay 30 cents per gallon of gas to the State of Utah. Federal tax is 18.4 cents per gallon.
  • This is being championed by BIG BUSINESS – Gail Miller, The Koch Brothers, Salt Lake Chamber, Zions Bank, Questar Gas, The Boyer Company, Ken Garff, Delta Airlines, Leavitt Group, and Many More. It was a compromise with the legislature. 



  • Destroys the current caucus system where you pick your own representatives to vet ALL the candidates for your party.
  • It turns our Republic into a Democracy where the majority rules and the minority voice is not heard.
  • Makes it harder for the local, little guy to run. You will need BIG MONEY and BIG DONORS to get name recognition
  • Allows for PACS and BIG BUSINESS to manipulate and buy their candidate a place on the ballot, eliminating the average person’s voice. 
  • This benefits the media exponentially because they will make millions on campaign adds. The Candidates can then run any type of advertising they want – good, bad, ugly, negative, etc.….. 
  • The average person will not get to meet the real candidates and vet them like a delegate does. 
  • This initiative takes away your right to private association within a private organization within a Political Party, and could affect your Church, your business or any other non-profit organization. 
  • This would be like the Mormon church telling the Catholic church who their Bishops should be or vise-versa. 


  • This initiative comes directly from the Democrat Party platform.
  • The current redistricting board is a proportional representation of the political party affiliations within our state.
  • The Utah Constitution provides that we give equal voice to the people and we elect our representatives to perform this duty on our behalf. 
  • This initiative is designed to tip the scales so that the minority party has as much leverage as the majority party. 
  • This establishes an “INDEPENDENT REDISTRICTING COMMISSION” with no indication of who appoints the members or how they are appointed. 
  • No indication of the redistricting standards or procedures - only that they will be established in the future. 
  • The Utah State Legislature must still approve or reject the redistricting boundaries although there are provisions for redress. 
  • No indication of how often re-districting of the boundaries would occur. 
  • This is how they turn a Republican State into a Democrat State. THIS WILL COMPLETELY CHANGE OUR STATE!!!!

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  • The Utah Legislature has already      passed three bills regarding Medical Cannabis. They are:
  • SB130 “CANNABIDOIL PRODUCT FACT”      this bill allows the State of Utah and the Department of Agriculture to      cultivate and produce dosed Cannabidoil products. It will be produced and grown in Utah      and sold at a pharmacy with a prescription and appropriate oversight and      dosage. This bill also protects a      parent from being discriminated against in a child custody case based on      their legal use of Cannabidoil. 
  • HB 25 “Cannabinoid Product Board”      allows research on Cannabis products for future use. 
  • HB 195 “Medical Cannabis Policy” allows      for a “right to try” any cannabis-based product treatment for terminally      ill patients with a physician’s prescription. 
  • This initiative allows any      cannabis-based product for a qualifying person with a prescription to      obtain cannabis from a Dispensary, which is a Cannabis store not a      pharmacy. 
  • Patients must have electronic      verification administered by the Department of Health to track individual      usage. 
  • Only one dispensary for every      150,000 residents in a county, rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  • Prohibit felons from owning or      working at a medical cannabis business.
  • No medical cannabis business may      be located within 600 feet of a school, public park or playground, church,      or library or within 200 feet of an area zoned exclusively for residential      use. 
  • Exempts medical cannabis from      sales tax.


The reason this initiative is on the ballot is because Republicans have been unable to get the Utah Legislature to stop Usurpation of the Private Association and Private Organization of a Private Party. This initiative is to preserve your private association within a private Organization whether it be a Political Party, your Church, your business or any other non-profit organization. 


  • This protects your Constitutional right to hold neighborhood elections and choose representatives that support your values.  
  • Removes BIG BUSINESS, THE MEDIA, PAC GROUPS and outside influences on our elections. 
  • Anyone can run for any office and they don’t have to have BIG MONEY. 
  • Neighbors meet together at local caucus meetings to elect their county and state delegates. 
  • There are more than 30,000 unpaid, volunteer delegates across Utah serving their communities for the Republican, Democrat and Constitution parties. 
  • Every two years we hold neighborhood election and new representatives. 
  • Anyone can run to be a delegate within their respective party of affiliation.
  • Removes HB54 which took away a private entity’s, Private Organization’s right to choose their own representatives. 
  • This would be like the Mormon church telling the Catholic church who their Bishops should be or vise-versa. ___________________________________________________________________________________________



  • A Medicaid expansion bill was passed during the 2018 Legislative session. To cover more than 70,000 low-income adults and spend more money on the Medicaid Programs including “CHIP”
  • Utah already has some of the most generous Medicaid benefits with $8.00 copays for emergency room and $4.00 office copays. 
  • Utah Spent over $2.5 billion dollars on Medicaid and $137 million on CHIP programs in 2017 which was over 25% of our State Budget. This is inline or higher than other states such as Arizona, Idaho and Colorado. 
  • This bill provides for Full Medicaid expansion in the State of Utah and freezes the amount of money that our State has to spend on Medicaid and the Utah Children’s Health Insurance Program (“CHIP”).
  • Does not allow the State legislature to make ANY changes to the amount we spend on Medicaid and CHIP programs each year. This can be VERY detrimental to balancing a budget. 
  • Does not allow any of the Medicaid or CHIP programs to decrease payments to any Health Care providers. This can be very irresponsible because Hospitals charges are ever increasing. This does not allow the people who oversee this to negotiate with providers and be fiscally responsible. 
  • Increases our Sales tax by 15% from 4.7% to 4.85% This affects everything that you buy. On-top of the proposed Gas tax, this could mean a dramatic increase for the citizens of Utah.
  • This bill severely ties the hands of our elected representatives to manage our State funds responsibly and to be financially accountable to the people.               


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